How your Grandmother is like the Church

I’m on thanksgiving break, but in order for me to be on break I had to drive away from school. For me that drive was 9 hours long. I was headed to Senath,Mo. It’s in the Bootheel of Missouri and it’s the complete opposite corner of Missouri from where I was.

However my grandmother knew I was coming and I know she was waiting for me since 7 am. So I called her and told her that I wouldn’t be leaving till noon so I’d get there about 9pm.

After my drive, I knew she would be up and waiting for me. This is in many ways just like the church. No matter what she’s waiting for you. And when you get there she doesn’t care that your in sweatpants and your hairs not done up. Your there and that’s all that matters.

The door is always open, and she’s excited to see me whenever she can. Well hey, the church does are always open too, and Jesus would love to see you whenever you can.

Then when you get inside her house it’s always filled with these old, yet fascinating items, and somehow they hold a special place in your heart. And pictures, everywhere. Of people I don’t even know, but she does. I don’t even know if she’s ever met them either, but she has their picture.
She’s always wanting to feed me too. I get 5 meals a day here, instead of my normal 3.

This is in many ways like the Church. You go in and there are old things. The windows, the pews, the actually building itself. But we hold these things dear to us, because it reminds us of where we’ve come from. And as for feeding us: we have the Eucharist don’t we? We are fed physically and spiritually in the Mass.

So when you go visit your grandmother this Thanksgiving break, remember the Church.

Stay Divine, and don’t eat too much



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