Home. If only for the weekend

Well here I am. Back in the hipster town of Springfield, MO more affectionately called SpringVegas by its younger inhabitants.

I’m here for the weekend. I have 3 masses to serve, all of them at St.Agnes Cathedral, my home parish. It’s not a lot of time back home, but something is better than nothing.

Tonight though I’m spending it with friends. Even though one of them is working (Jake), and the other hit a deer and can’t be here (Karley) (don’t worry she’s fine).

We’ll eat, talk, laugh until we cry, and probably eat some more. I look forward to this motley crew, which I call my friends. We’re crazy you know, but that’s why we get along so well.
They don’t know it, but I rely on them. They keep me sane. They might not read this, I actually don’t know if jake can read, but thanks guys. This nights for you. Now if only you’d come to Mass…..

Stay Divine,



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