Lets Feast!

Today is the feast day of St. Francis Xavier one of the founding Jesuit fathers. I feel like it’s very appropriate for a Wednesday because it happens to coincide with my Apostolic placement. On Wednesdays I go to St. Joesph (about 40 min away) with 2 other seminarians and we help out in a middle school youth group at St. Francis Xavier parish. How great is that?, On his feast day.

This youth group is 6th through 8th graders from a couple different schools around the area. It’s a lot of fun, we show up, help set up, and brief over what we’ll be doing that night. Once the kids arrive we eat and talk about various topics then play some sort of game. It’s a packed 2 hours, but that’s all we need.

In many ways I kind of fell like Francis Xavier when I go to this youth group. I often times feel pretty hip and up-to-date on stuff thats happening. Music, technology, movies, etc…. but once you get talking with these kids; you realize that you know nothing. It’s a whole new language that I’ve either forgotten how to speak, or never spoke in the first place. Then we run into things like teaching the gospel, how do I make that applicable to them? It’s tough. However IT was tough for St. Francis Xavier as well.

Working mostly in India Francis Xavier was a missionary to many of the asian countries. He died in 1522 before he could get to China. He faced many of the same problems that I am. He didn’t know the language or customs, was afraid to eat things placed in front of him, and had to leave his comfort zone many times. But he became a saint for it, so there is still hope for me! Enjoy the Feast Day!

Stay Divine,



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