It’s a mother feast Day! I.C./DC. Kinda like the band: AC/DC (who just released a new album https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rock-or-bust/id923586222 ) Instead this is about Mary and her Immaculate Conception! Which I might add is a holy day of obligation. That means you have to go to mass, because the church said so. I don’t care if it’s Monday, go, or you’ll spend longer in purgatory. 10858406_10205516093720947_2555338110751310018_n

One of the great perks of Seminary is that for major Feast days: WE HAVE NO SCHOOL!!! and Generally it includes a Banquet. Today’s banquet consisted of Duck, crab salad, potatoes, and asparagus. Followed by Pecan Pie.

So yeah, you could say it’s been a good day. I hope this finds you on your way to mass. Don’t forget to pray for yourself and for us Seminarians.  I’m about to go waste my afternoon away hanging out. Finals weeks coming too quick so the rest and relaxation will be nice.

Stay Divine, Stay Rocking, and Stay Classy,



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