Gaudete Day

Well it’s Sunday. The third one of Advent. Which means it’s a party day!  Not really though, cause most everyone has finials tests tomorrow. But in all seriousness: Gaudete Sunday is a day of rejoicing, in anticipation for the coming of the Lord. If you all remember on an elder post of mine we talked about the candles of Advent, Well this Sunday we light the pink one.

Now I’m not going to get into this whole, it’s rose not pink thing, really no one cares. But this does bring us one Sunday closer to the Birth of the Babe Jesus. Which means Christmas, which is always a good time. For those of us students still in school, remember that the Crucifixion only lasted three hours. However I also have 4 more, three hour tests to take.

It is coming to an end, and I will have completed my Third semester as a Seminarian. I will finish this up here real quick because I do have tests to study for. Don’t expect much posting till Thursday or so, I’ll be pre-occupied. Prayers are welcomed.

Stay Divine, and study hard,



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