24 days of bliss

But seriously now, semester is done. That means I’m a year and a half into College Seminary. Almost halfway through, but who’s counting (I am).

With this ending of the semester, I have 24 days of vacation starting……. Now. From Kansas City to the Bootheel. Springfield to Cape Girardeau. I’ll put some travel in, but it’s so worth it. A few of those days will even be spent with my brother seminarians on our retreat.

For those of you wondering, finials went off without a hitch. I say that but there was lots of cramming and long hours studying.

I found out I even have a roommate next semester. Currently I’m living on the 5th floor of St.Michael’s with the freshman, but come January 12th, I’ll be moving down a floor and in with a roommate. His name is Chris Davis and is from the Salina Diocese in northern Kansas. Chris is new to Seminary this year, but we’ve hit it off nicely since he’s been here. We’re gonna have some crazy times ahead of us, he asked my old roommate if I came with an instruction manual to live with; Walter just laughed. No Chris, no instructions included, some assembly required.

Well that’s it for me now, it’s snowing outside so I’m gonna sit here and drink my tea and relax. Ciáo

Stay Divine and Warm,



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