Festivus Eve

“It Festivus for the rest of us!”
Yes, I’m referring to the hit 90’s Television sitcom: Seinfeld. I’m sure it’s weird to have a millennial who watches a show that’s been off the air for 16 years now, but I’m a 90’s kid through and through.

What is Festivus? Its a holiday that is an alternative to the commercialized season of Christmas. It’s quite easy to celebrate too, consisting of 4 parts.
1) The Festivus pole. It’s a simple aluminum pole with no decorations. Tinsel is distracting.
2) The Festivus feast. A dinner consisting of everyone’s favorite dishes.
3) The act of Grievances. (The best part) Before the feast can begin everyone goes around and tells each person how they have grieved them in the last year.
4) Feats of Strength. Before the holiday can end, the head of the household must be pinned to the ground. If the they are not pinned the holiday continues.

So 4 simple easy rules for a Festivus. I’m not sure wether you say Merry Festivus or happy Festivus. Either way; get ready because it’s here tomorrow. I also encourage you to watch the Festivus Episode of Seinfeld called:
The Strike
Enjoy and don’t eat too much!

Stay Divine and let me tell you about my problems…..


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