FYI- It’s Christmas Eve

If you were waiting on me to tell you that, then you must live under a rock. Behind all the commercialization that has happened to our beloved birth of our Savior, there is a reason these few days are special to us. When I say us, I mean humanity as a whole, not just Catholics. With that piece of political correctness out of the way, let’s continue on.

So Christmas, well let’s go back into the root of the word. Christ and Mass. Hmm, wonder what that might mean. NEWS FLASH! Christ’s Mass.
Mass, that is the center of our lives. At least it should be. And this become evident especially at the Christmas Eve and Christmas morning masses. But how can you tell? One word: Christears. (Kre-sters)

You know those people who only come to mass during the Christmas and Easter Season. It’s good though, really. I mean at least they (hopefully) recognize the need to have the Mass.
This can only mean that your spot will be taken when you come in for Mass, your going to hear a lot of wrong responses, and communion will be given out to people who probably don’t believe in the real presence.

Just remember that the Church provides. And don’t get mad or angry at them, because what would Jesus do? He would love them. So love them for what they are trying to do, keep Christ in their Christmas.

So where does this all leave us in our Christmas season? Well we can rejoice and pray like we always do. I know it maybe doesn’t seem fair, but our reward is in heaven and a fair is where they put blue ribbons on fat pigs.

On that note; I’m out. I have the midnight mass tonight, so I’m “resting” all day. Don’t forget to pray for your soul and the souls of others at Mass tonight or tomorrow.

Stay Divine,




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