I feel like a Jack Keuroc poem

I spent all day yesterday on the road, from 8am- 7:30pm. I completely switched sides of the state, going from the Northwest corner to the South east corner. But regardless it was a fun trip. I love to travel, but I always seem to be driving somewhere. Pretty sure I was born in the car.

I drive a 2007 Ford Focus hatch (5 speed!). And since obtaining this car, which is the newest I’ve ever owned, I’ve racked up 11,000+ miles in the 5 months I’ve had it. That gives you an idea of how much I drive. My previous car (truck), was traded in at 263,247 miles and still had some life in it! It’s not that I go through cars, I just take care of them and the last a long time. My current car (the shark) has to last me another 7 years and it’s going too.

You would expect me to spend a lot of time in the DMV with all this driving and car stuff I do. And I’m there my fair share. I really can’t decide which office I like better though. The DMV or the Social Security Office, they’re both a ton of fun.

Just like you take care of your car, you need to take care of your soul. And just like the DMV is for registering your vehicle, the Church is for registering your soul. I’m not saying go in and sign away your soul type thing (I’ll leave that for the Mob to handle) but you do need to go and take care of your self in the Mass.

Instead of me preaching to you about going to Mass and breathing down your neck, cause I know enough people do that already. I’m just gonna leave that friendly reminder there. And tell you to go to Mass. If you truly believe in what takes place in the Mass then I know you’ll go and be there.
It’s more than just the hour that you go for, it encompasses your entirety.

And in case your reading this at the DMV: I think your number just got called, and remember to smile in your Photo.


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