Typical end of year post* *NOT*

In case you’ve failed to get on Facebook today, it’s the end of the year. Whoop dee doo. Some people announce the end of the year like they’re surprised they made it this far. And I think for those people, I’m a little surprised they made it too.

Some fun little facts that I’ve seen run across my newsfeed:
• “2015 is as far away from the year 2000 as the year 2030.” Congratulations, you can do math.
• “The earth is 2015 years old!” You should just not have children, deactivate you Facebook account, and move to Patagonia.
• “New year, New me!” You’ve said that the last 4 years, highly doubt this will be ‘the year’.
• (my all time favorite) “2014 was a rough year. 2015 will be tons better!” Look, I give you two weeks into this new year and you’ll mess something up. If I calculated all of your ‘rough years’, you’d live in Detroit and have the income of a circus monkey.

So all of this new year, new me stuff is a little ridiculous. Do you know how horrendous parking at the gym is for the next 2 weeks? Supposedly gym memberships have huge popularity in January and if the lack of parking Spots is any indication, I think that’s pretty accurate.
See I’m one of those people that already goes to the gym and knows how to use everything. I’m also one of those people who people hate when they see me at the gym. Here’s a breakdown of a typical run in with these people:

Guy to himself: “what the hell is that twig doing in here?” “He doesn’t need this gym”
Me: “Excuse me, are you going to use that jump rope?”
Guy: “Oh no, go ahead.”
Guy: “do you jump rope a lot?”
Me: “often enough”
Guy to himself: “what is often enough?”
Guy: *wanders off to find a Big Mac*

I’m not saying don’t go to the gym, I’m not saying that this isn’t ‘your year’, and I’m definitely not bragging about my gym usage (I’m not even in shape). What I am saying is I’m tired of hearing all of this talk that people have about being new.

If you really want to change, don’t worry about your body. That’s superficial and honestly doesn’t matter. Worry about your interior though, it’s whats inside that matters.
5 extra minutes a day on your knees goes a long way. Add that to your list, because if you don’t do that, you definitely won’t go to the gym. So go to the spiritual gym, exercise your heart in more ways than one.

Stay Divine and Stay Classy 2014,


P.S. January 1st is the Feast day of Mary Mother of God. It’s a holy day of obligation- that means you have to go. So go.


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