February is coming!!!

January is almost over which means that February is upon us. I’m not a fan of February; it’s dull, cold, and seems to drag on forever. I vote we should just take February out of the calendar. it’d be much easier. I also don’t like February because that is when school cracks the whip and … More February is coming!!!

March for Life 2015

This last week I took a hiatus from school to pilgrimage to Washington DC, our nations Capital, to partake in the largest singular event held every year. It was the March for Life, an antiabortion, pro-life event held in response to the Roe v. Wade decision made back in 1973. I flew out of MCI … More March for Life 2015

It’s my feast day

Not my day specifically, but my confirmation Saints’ feast day;  St. Sebastian. With my confirmation that would make my full name: Joshua Sebastian Gale Carroll which is a pretty sweet name if I might say so myself. So Saint Sebastian, well how much do you know about him? He was a captain in the Roman … More It’s my feast day