I’ve been gone for a bit #mybad

Woah, it’s been like a week or more since I’ve put anything up for you crazy cats. Sorry, I’ve just ben all over the place in the last week or so.

First off I started the New Years with a Small Family reunion.


As you can see it wasn’t so small, but for us it was small. And that was fun, had the opportunity to meet up with some cousins and eat a ton of food.

After that I had our annual Winter Seminarian Gathering. Though it was short, I was a great chance to see all of my brothers that I don’t normally get to see during the school year. Even though it didn’t last long, it was all we needed to reconnect with each other.

Following that I can home for Weekend Masses at the Cathedral in Springfield. Then on Monday, Charlie and I headed to Cape Girardeau (4:15 hours away) to visit the Catholic High School: Notre Dame. And that was a visit.

We spent the night on Monday at another Seminarians house, Andrew Williams, and his parents graciously put up with us for a night. The following day we went and toured the school and followed up with all school Mass.



After a quick pit stop at Starbucks (Fr. Patrick wanted to go) we climbed back in the car and headed back to Springfield (4:15 hour car ride) and as you can tell it was a long car ride


So yeah, that’s where I’ve been. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you all in this new year. On that note, I’m gone.

Stay Divine,



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