North of the Korn

Yep, I’m back at school. Moved into my new room. With my new roommate. Here’s something cliché: “New Semester, New me!!!” But no, in all seriousness I’m excited to be back. It’s going to be a good semester I hope. It’ll go quickly.

Photo on 1-12-15 at 9.29 PM(My roommate actually working)

I have to remember to type this quickly, because the internet shuts off at 10 pm here (lame I know). Anyway, I’m back north of the corn line here in Northern Missouri. Needless to say it’s cold, windy, and bleak. Oh I like that word, bleak is a good word. Here is a song about bleak:  I figured this one was appropriate. Has a good rhythm. Anyway enough of bleak, back to school.

So yeah, here we are. Classes start tomorrow. We’ll get off to a good start. I’m going to go and maybe actually get something accomplished this evening.

Peace, Love, and non-bleakness.



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