This puzzles me

So here in the Seminary we have morning and evening prayer at the same time every day. In the same place, the oratory (chapel). This hasn’t changed in like 1,500 years. It’s the same temperature year round in the oratory. One temperature- Hot. Maybe if your lucky its a little warm, but that’s on a good day.

So riddle me this: Why do you wear a sweater or other form of heat producing vestment in there?!? Then proceed to use a book as a fan. It’s not like your walking in there thinking “oh it’ll be cooler today.” NO! It won’t. It was hot yesterday, it’s going to be hot today, and I’ll go out on a limb and probably guess that it’ll be hot tomorrow.

It’s not like we don’t have hooks outside the door in the hallway to hang things. I’m pretty sure Ke$ha sang song about this: TAKE IT OFF. Simple, easy, and straight forward. You are a philosophy major for goodness sake, this is easier than Socrates.

But no, I will continue to witness you waving your hand wildly while we are praying because you are hot. Which is very distracting I might add. Anyway, with that said I hope you all enjoy your Friday.

Stay Divine,



2 thoughts on “This puzzles me

  1. Maybe they keep it hot to remind you that you don’t want to go to hell. Jesus said you would suffer for your faith. Look on the bright side…it’s better than being way too cold! Love you son!!!


  2. Preach it from the rooftops!

    I can’t witness to the fanning because the incredibly high temperature cause me to become unconscious within five to ten minutes after prayer.

    Jesus asks, can you not stay awake for one hour?
    No, no I cannot, I attend seminary in Conception where they keep it so hot I become unconscious and begin to drool all over myself. Ha!


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