Do you speak whale?

I can’t sing. I’ll admit that. But I sing a lot for someone who doesn’t sing. So I guess I should say that I can’t sing very well, I sing about as well as Cher. I don’t try to hide my bad singing, I’ve just come to accept the fact that when I open my mouth to express some vocals it’s just not going sound the way it should.

That doesn’t stop me though, I love to sing. From Taylor swift to Frankie Valli my voice has hit all those notes. Here in school, we sing. A LOT.  That’ to be expected I guess when you live in a monastery and have daily mass, plus it’s a college there is going to be music.

“Singing is praying twice”

When you sing in the context of the Mass you essentially are praying twice. So I guess with my voice that means I’m praying like 3 times more.  All joking aside, singing in the mass makes it that much more special. I’ve had people come up to me after mass here at school and tell me that they loved the way we sing and it gives them chills every time.  That’s the power of your voice.

I can remember growing up and singing in Mass. It’s just been common place for me. Once I got to High school though, it “wasn’t cool” to sing at Mass. It honestly made the Mass kinda boring. So I urge you to sing at Mass, glorify God with the voice he has given you, even it’s a bad voice. Parents set and example for your children, let them see you sing. Children (young adults) don’t wait to have to be urged by your parents to sing, belt it out!

Soem people are graced with good voices, my sister is one of them. However if you tell her that you like her singing, she won’t sing. I don’t get it. If I could hit the notes she can; you’d never get me to stop singing. I think we need more people who can sing well to actually sing cause then it’ll cover up those of us who can’t really sing.

Consider actually opening that song book next time your in Mass. Don’t forget to belt it out. Loud and proud.

Stay Divine,



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