It’s my feast day

Not my day specifically, but my confirmation Saints’ feast day;  St. Sebastian. With my confirmation that would make my full name: Joshua Sebastian Gale Carroll which is a pretty sweet name if I might say so myself.

So Saint Sebastian, well how much do you know about him? He was a captain in the Roman army in the year 283. When Emperor Maximian ordered the prosecution of all the Christians, including Sebastian. Ordered to die by Arrow in which he took an Arrow to the knee, neck, and stomach. Thought dead, he was discovered still alive by some of his followers, nursed back to health only to be martyred again by the emperor. He is the only Saint to be martyred twice! He is patron of archers, athletes, and soldiers, and is appealed to for protection against plagues.

There is a little history about St. Sebastian.  I have my own fun story about Sebastian, being a Seminarian I often get asked to be a confirmation sponsor and if I feel that I can support them I do accept the invitation. Well one Person in particular has stuck out to me, her name is Emma. Her sister and I have been friends for a longtime and I even have my one relationship with the family. Anyway, Emma asked to be her confirmation sponsor and I gladly accepted. When I asked the name she choose when wouldn’t tell me because “You’ll make fun of me.” After a little persisting She told me who it was and I was ecstatic, she had chosen Sebastian as her Confirmation name as well!

Of course I enjoyed that and the rest of the confirmation went off without a hitch. So here to you Emma, Happy feast day.

Stay Divine and watch those arrows,



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