March for Life 2015

This last week I took a hiatus from school to pilgrimage to Washington DC, our nations Capital, to partake in the largest singular event held every year. It was the March for Life, an antiabortion, pro-life event held in response to the Roe v. Wade decision made back in 1973.

I flew out of MCI (Kansas City) on Wednesday morning with 9 of my brother seminarians and 2 priests. It was great flight and as far as I can tell went smoothly. The views were amazing! I’m probably never going drive anywhere ever again, I’ll just fly from here on out.

Landed in DC and hopped on the metro to find our accommodations for the remainder of the stay. Part of the group was in the Josephite seminary in DC while a few of us were at a hotel. Wednesday night included Mass in the largest Catholic Church in North America, The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It was huge. The procession for all the priests, seminarians, deacons, Bishops, and Cardinals took 45 minutes; then the mass started. IMG_2444

A picture of the Basilica after the Mass.

We turned in for the night after that because we had another busy day on Thursday. Started the day off going strong with another Youth Rally Mass held in the DC Armory.


As you can see it was kinda packed. It was good Mass though. Went fairly smoothly and everyone was reverent which I enjoyed greatly.

After that mass we quickly hoped on the Metro and gathered on the National Mall for the Rally and Actual March on the Capital. There were SOOO many people. The official numbers haven’t come out yet, but it’s easily over 15,000 people. Keith and I snapped this #selfie just so you could get glimpse in on the March. IMG_2454

Afterwards I meet up with my High school who had brought a group to the March. Spent few minutes with them and then Keith and I went on to see a couple of the monuments before we went back and had dinner.

Friday came and I probably had the best Mass I’ve ever had that morning. It was Just Keith, Fr. Paul, Fr. Samuel, and Myself in a hotel room. We had Mass and it was the most personal and private Mass I’ve ever had. That alone spoke volumes for my Vocation.

After our Mass we met the others at the Smithsonian metro stop and broke off from there to do our own thing on the free day we had. Ivan Joined Keith and I with Fr. Paul meeting us later in the day.

We covered some ground man, 13.8 miles to be exact. Here is a list of everything we saw:
Supreme Court
Library of Congress
Smithsonian Castle
Botanic Gardens
Air and Space museum
Washington Monument
WWII Memorial
Reflecting pool
Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
Federal Reserve
Department of the Interior
Department of State
Department of Agriculture
White House
American History Museum
Jefferson Memorial
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery
J.F.K. grave site and eternal flame


1) Keith and I in front of Lincoln monument. 2) Keith, Ivan, and I posing with FDR. 3) My travel buddies for the day left to right- Ivan, Keith, Fr.Paul.

We caught our flight back on Friday evening and it was delayed slightly (an hour) but we made it and then drove back to school arriving around 12:30 or so. All in all it had been a good trip, I’m glad I made the pilgrimage. Until I travel again:

Stay Divine,



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