It’s the only way I can study

Being in school you study a lot, surprise right? Well being in seminary you study twice as much, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Anyway, the classes ew take require us to do a lot of reading. When I say a lot of reading I’m talking like put away a few hours of your day just for class reading. I thought I was a philosophy major, not an english major (nothing against english or journalism majors).

So with all this reading and studying you develop your now little quirks and ways in which you study. Well my way is listening to Michael Jackson. I know it sounds weird but hey it works. I’m not superstitious but I can tell on test when I listened to MJ or if I listened to Katy Perry. The results are in, the king of pop makes for some great study music.

I’m not saying try this, obivisouly by now you’ve found your groove, but it’s worth a shot. As for the music piece I’ll leave you with this pretty snazzy new hit by the Mikey himself.

Stay Divine and Study hard,



One thought on “It’s the only way I can study

  1. You would do better on your test if you could listen to the same music while taking the test you used to study. Research backed information. Too bad most professors don’t trust students enough to let them use headphones while taking a test.


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