What a weekend

Last Friday came with much anticipation, why?, because it was an off-camppous weekend. A weekend that allows us seminarians to get away from school and just do whatever (within reason)  for 2 whole days. Generally includes no homework and a free pass on all things. Any who, I left after my last class (which I smoozed the professor to let us out a tad bit early, 15 min.) Began my trek back to the beautiful Diocese of Springfield- Cape Girardeau in full joy and fervor.

I had plans that Friday night with Mac, David, Amy, Jake, and Tierney. We had planned for dinner and eventually make our way over to the bowling alley. Arriving on the scene around 8:15 we went and grabbed bite to eat and then proceeded to go bowl (I should have been on the bowling team). Everyone split around 11:30pm except Mac and I. We sat and talked about life and how far we’d come since high school. It really is crazy you know, 2 years out of graduation and we’re already looking back and seeing how much progress we’ve made. Times like those I really enjoy, it allows me to re-connect with my friends.

Around 1:30am we decided we should probably get home because both of us had things the next morning. I figured we’re young enough we could do those things. That’s how my Saturday started. The rest of the day was a relaxing mix of being at home, beating up my brother, and enjoying the warm weather. I helped at the Confirmation Mass that evening for the 5pm, it of course went off with out a hitch. I’m not saying it was because I was there, but there has to be a connection. That Mass allowed me to bask in the glory of what is the Church. Watching so many of those high school students say; “yes, this is what I think I want to commit my life too” is sometimes all you need for hope in humanity.

After the Mass I was invited down to a party that a family whom I have known for awhile now, the Marmougets’ where having. Mutual friends of ours, the Kissinger’s where also there. So by eating my weight in shrimp, having to wrestle Brett, and playing with the dog I closed out my Saturday and went to get some much needed sleep for the weekend. Thanks again Chris for having me, It was a blast.

Sunday brought me an early morning Mass and a Marriage anniversary Mass. Both went well and I didn’t fall asleep in either of them, so proud of myself. Finished up my weekend by draining myself back here to CSC (Conception Seminary College). The drive, as always, was uneventful and long.

Over all I’m happy I have the opportunities to go home and be with everyone. I’ve come to learn that the best ministry I can provide is a ministry of presence. Simply my presence and me being there is enough for some people. I can’t explain it and I don’t think anyone else can. I hope in some way that I’ve reached out to you in some way. Maybe indirectly, maybe directly but I have joy in knowing that I’ve helped you.

Stay Divine and full of shrimp,



One thought on “What a weekend

  1. Your mom’s spelling edits were too numerous to mention, however, you are killing me with the where versus were! Here’s to hoping that your calendar isn’t overbooked next month! Ethan says, “Love ya, Shrimp Boy!”


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