No I’m not William Wallace in that dumb movie where he paints himself blue and runs across a field with a sword that is way to large for him. Instead I’m talking about March. The dreaded February is over, praise Jesus.

Lent is happily underway, and just like my dads timex watch, is taking lickin’ and still tickin’. My littlest sister has had her birthday (10 years old), I’m going home at the end of this week (taking another seminarian with me), and I have two and a half months left of school. This month though is called March Madness for a reason, let me break it down for you.

3 banquets
4 weekends of events
No- no class days
Daylight savings time
Regular school duties
Visits from prominent heads of the Seminary Board of Regents
Pastors Day

Granted that’s all a very vague general  overview, but I didn’t want to scare you. So just be thankful that spring is on us like mud on a pig and soon it will be summer time.

Stay Divine,



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