Middle of the time space continum  

It’s Monday. 

Generally I’m not a fan of a Monday, however today is a special Monday. This is the middle of the semester Monday. The sequential tipping point for the whole of second semester Monday. So while everyone else is off on Springbreak and at the beach and such, I am here in school, studying, a lot. 

Though I can’t complain, it’s going to be a great week. Mid 60’s and to top it off my Bishop is coming on Friday. I’m also the weekly sever for the Masses here on campus so that’ll be fun. 

I had a great weekend as well, mainly because I spent it at home. It was an off-campus weekend and I had the privleage of having José come back to Springfield with me. He’s another seminarian from the Jefferson City Diocese and in my class. We spent the weekend going around to all the hot spots of the city and just enjoying the great weather. 

Saturday night consisted of a night of hanging out with friends and good food. Sunday was Mass (again) and lunch with the family. After that we turned northward again to come back and endure the rest of the month. 

No fear though- Easter is coming, and that means a long break. One that I’ll take. 

So there’s that. Hopefully I can just adjust to this whole time change thingy we got going on here. 

Stay Divine, 



2 thoughts on “Middle of the time space continum  

  1. It was great having you back in the nest. Also, it was delightful to have Jose visit our wacky home. I hope he had fun seeing your stomping grounds.


  2. Once again you have outdone yourself in writing your latest blog message! I am sure God is very proud of what you do and how you manifest that in your blog. Continue to turn to Him and He will be there for you. God Bless!



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