It’s been awhile ehh? 

Not gonna lie, I have no idea when the last time I wrote something for you guys. Maybe a week, maybe more. 

However that doesn’t matter. Anyway it’s been an interesting month thus far. With one banquet down and only 3 more to go, is looking to be a good month. At this point we have 62 days till summer, not that I’m counting. 

As you can see, the Bishop was here and we had a great meal with some great conversation. It’s always nice to ear how things are going back home. And what better way to get the info than from the very top? 

Apart from all of that good jazz, it’s still Lent and that means  people are still trying  to keep up their Lenten observances. That means you Rachel. 

No matter how bad you actually want to eat that chocolate or go through the drive thru, just remember that Jesus spent 40 days in the desert eating nothing. And if you fail? Well the good news is that Jesus died for our sins so even though you did eat that cheeseburger (again- that’s you Rachel) Jesus will still forgive you. 

Lent is not over when you fail to keep up your observance. In fact it shows us our human nature and makes us realize the reality of the temptations that are present in our lives. 

Stay strong my friends! 2.5 weeks left! 



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