The year is 1930, and somewhere a legend is born. To be exact Steve McQueen, who, where he still alive, would be turning 85 today. Staring in those timeless movies that some of you may have watched whilst growing up; The Great Escape, The Cincinnati Kid, The Magnificent Seven, and Bullitt, McQueen stole the show whenever he was on screen or off it. A huge player in motorcycle and automotive racing scenes in the mid 70’s Steve wasn’t one to stand and watch fro the stands often he was out there racing on the track. His name now comes as an option for Triumph’s Bonneville motorcycle.

He was the epitome of cool. He looked great in a white t-shirt and chinos with a pair of converse, in a slim suit, or in nothing but a pair of swimming trunks. It wasn’t so much that he looked cool, he was cool. He was comfortable in his own skin, and he let everyone know it.

I feel that I can’t really write a solid enough post about this man, so I’ll let his own acting do the talking for me. Here is a clip of my favorites from his. This is the motorcycle scene from the Great Escape.

In other words, It’s also my friend Mackenzie’s Birthday. So happy birthday to both of these people. Your both great, but Steve was better Mac, I’m sorry.

Stay divine and stay cool,


If you want a better article on McQueen here is a good one for you to check out:


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