Diocesan Youth Conference

Whew, the weekend has come and gone. 750 miles more logged in the shark, 13 plus hours of driving, 8 Seminarians, 400+ youth, and a really great conference.

I’m talking about the Diocesan Youth Conference (DYC) baby! For those of you who don’t know, our DYC is an annual event and held in West Plains which in inconveniently located some 6.5 hours from school. *disclaimer it is possible to shave off 45 minutes of that drive* Planned by a different youth group each year the speaker and theme is constantly chaining so it’s always a blast. If you like order and strictness this is not the place for you, instead it’s chaos and anarchy. But somehow it’s all organized and runs smoothly. Not like Lord of the Flies smoothly, but domesticated tiger smoothly.

Jake, Nick, Charlie, and myself left Friday afternoon after Mass and began the long trek to West Plains. The drive was uneventful, except that Charlie fell asleep. When we arrived we went straight into a pizza party and met with the Youth Groups which had adopted us seminarians for the weekend.  ** Shoutout to St. Lawrence Youth Group from Monett for putting up with me all weekend! you guys rocked!**

The day ended in us checking into our hotel and sleeping like rocks. Upon awakening the next morning and seeing that it had snowed during the night, I promptly cried and went back to bed. Not really, though I wanted too. Instead we sucked it up and grabbed some grub and headed to the conference.

The day was filled with a bunch of talks and hanging out it random people from throughout the diocese. We were really rocking that ministry of presence thing the whole day. Sometimes it’s just good to make face and be yourself than to actually talk and have a plan (still flying off the cuff mom!). The day ended in huge dance which was a blast, because I haven’t danced like that since I moonwalked all the way to the bathroom last semester. Following the dance we had adoration, which in all honesty couldn’t have been a more fitting end to the day.

Crawling into bed around 12:30am only brought bliss as I slipped away into dream land. Sunday landed us another day of waking and heading to the conference. Today included Mass with everyone though. And that was beautiful. I’m serious, there is nothing better than practicing your faith with 400 youth who are on fire for what they believe in.

Mass ended and we slowly began to make the move back toward Conception to start Holy week and finish out Lent. Loaded down we trekked back and unpacked. Monday has rolled around and we have 6 days left until we’re on Spring Break! I’ll take that man.

Stay Divine,



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