Good Friday. But why is it good?

Many of you know that it is Good Friday. The Friday that, we as Christians, recognize Jesus died on. In the 33rd year of his birth our Lord and Savior gave his life so that we might have eternal life. So why do we call it ‘Good Friday’. 

Shouldn’t it be, sad Friday? Or maybe terrible Friday? Actually I think Good Friday is accurate. Think about it this way; we aren’t focusing on his death when we say Good Friday. While yes we do contemplate his death and Passion, the name given to the day is a precoursor for what is to come. And after all, what is in a name? 

So yes, this is a Good Friday. It is good that Jesus came and died for us. It is good that we fast and reflect on his passion. It is good that we look forward to his rising. 

The sacred Triduum is coming to a close. The Triduum is the 3 days leading up to Easter, and is a most sacred time in the church. I hope that you all use this time as a time for reflection back on your Lenten journey. It’s been a long 40 days. Don’t worry Rachel; 2 more days and you can have that burger you’ve been wanting. 

As a friend of mine said:

We’re not out of the woods. We’re just in the woods with Jesus.

2 days my friends. And the best thing to ever happen to the human race will cumulate. 

Merry Triduum, 



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