I taste summer 

Yes sir, I taste summer. This whole last week I’ve been on Spring/Easter break. It’s been a great time so far and as always I’m staying busy.

I’ve been hanging out with friends, visiting people, I gave a theology on tap session in Cape Girardeau on Tuesday, have gone on bike rides cause why not, went a piano recital for my sister, going to adoration with a great group of people, and still have 3 days left! 



 At these times when I get the opportunity to come home and actually have the chance to relax, it reminds me that I do need to slow down sometimes.  I’m a very active person and feel that I always need to be doing something. I have trouble sitting still. But even those of us who go a hundred miles an hour all the time need our rest and quite time. 

So this will serve as my reminder to you who also suffer from this problem. 

Slow down. It will be there tomorrow, unless it’s the circus then it’ll be gone. This isn’t telling you to be lazy, instead it’s telling you to recognize when your pulled in a dozen different directions and to slow it down. 

Think about it and enjoy this weather! It’s beautiful! 

Stay divine and active, 



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