Wet Pavement

(Chris wouldn’t turn around for this picture, so I told him I was gonna take it. He was asking for it)

Initially when I sat down to write this I asked my roommate what I should blog on, and he said: “Wet Pavement, you can write a book on that.” While I think that’s an arguable point, it’d probably be a really short book. Maybe a coloring book. Though you’d only need grey crayon, maybe a black one as well.

As to what I really wanted to talk about, I’m not even sure. It’s the coming down into the last weeks here at school and things are either winding down or picking up, depending on your outlook on life. High schools are having Proms, Graduation invitations are coming out, and parties are being planned. My sister is Graduating this year as well. Whoo!! class of 2015! No idea where she’s going College yet, she hasn’t officially decided. I can grab her a convent application if she wants…..

Just kidding….

It’s Saturday and I have one more paper to write, 10- 15 ages over the view of Social Teaching in the Church. You know nothing too crazy, just some light material. I attended Vietnamese Mass this morning, and I just wish I could talk and sound like that. Compared to the way they talk, english is a gruff and ugly language. It sounded like they were singing the entire time. Quite fun honestly, I definitely would recommend to any of you to take the opportunity if it arises. You gain this new appreciation and understanding of the universality of the Mass. No matter the language or country- Jesus is still Jesus.

SO what am I going to do for the rest of my day- I don’t know. Maybe write that paper, but honestly I’ll probably watch a documentary to take up some time. I might try to cook something later today, I could go for some food I can taste. Oh! before I forget, I ordered a new antenna on Wednesday and it came in today so I put it on the Shark (Ford focus, my car). Now instead of having that whiplash antenna, I have a nice short stubby 4-incher. Really aids the look of the car.

So to the rest of you who are out there today, do something crazy, I mean it’s Saturday. Why not.

Stay Divine,



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