Finally finished finals

Dudes and Dudettes, I present to you Summer 2015. 

Really if you think about it, it’s been coming and we’ve known that it was coming it’s jus a matter of time, yet we always act excited and surprised that it’s summer time. It kinda goes like this: 

*wake up one morning* *sees sunshine* “oh my gosh, it’s summer time!” 

It’s not like we never have a summer and so whenever do it’s a huge surprise, no we always have a summer. And here in southern Missouri, we have hot and humid summers. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that later on. 

Anyway, we’ll get re-focused here. So my summer is off to a good start. I’ve been working, catching up with friends, doing a few things, beating up my siblings. You know summer time things. What really excites me is when I look ahead in my summer plans. 

I have the usual end up on the other side of the diocese for a few days, the occasional hey I need to go here thing, or even the spur of the moment trips that are bound to happen. There will be some crazy haircuts, some sun burns, and the occasional bonfire mishap. But hey it’s summer. 

I have 2 weeks at Camp Re-New All, which is a Catholic youth camp in the month of July. This will be my 10 year doing this so I’m pretty stoked.  We’ll have ordinations to attend and parties to make face at. And all in all, I’m excited. I’m halfway done with college, 2 years left. Can’t wait to get it done. 
Stay Divine, 



One thought on “Finally finished finals

  1. Yes, it is indeed Summer, AGAIN! I am glad to hear yours has started out on a good note. You remain in my thoughts and prayers as always. Keep safe and . . . . . . . . . . . dare I say it so soon in the Summer . . . . . . . . . . . please return safe and sound once again at the end of your summer away. God Bless!


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