Drawn and quartered 

Oh smokes, it’s been a few days, ok weeks, since I’ve written last. So I guess I need to updated you all on my life and what’s been going on in the Diocese. 

Me? I’ve just been working. A lot. It’s part of being a seminarian. When you can you work, you work. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve done a few other things besides work. Mainly seeing friends, hanging out, and riding my motorcycle or bicycle. 

The last few days thoug have been all Diocesan related. We’re talking ordinations baby! 3 deacon ordinations, all at the same time. So of course Charlie and I had to come to Cape Girardeau. And of corse we had to stay at the Marquette (Newman Center) (SEMO campus). And of course we had to go to all these parties and tour a little of the diocese while we where here. 

But back to the ordinations. They were good. The whole shebang went off without a hitch and no one broke anything or messed up. The three new deacons are Charles, David, and Paco. I’ve grown to love these 3 men over the last 2 years that I have known them, and I know that they will do great. 

One of the most exciting things about ordinations is getting your assignments. So here they are: David is going to be in Auroa/Monett. Paco is going to be in Cape Girardeau (St.Vincent’s). And Charles will be in Springfield (Holy Trinity). 

Charlie and I still have another 3 days here in Cape. More events and fun things to do. Top of the list is to catch up on sleep though, not enough of that going around. 

So that’s the  411 down here in the 417. And remember- life is better south of I-70. 

Stay Divine, 


  David Charles  Paco  


One thought on “Drawn and quartered 

  1. Glad to hear you summer is going well – sounds like you are very busy as usual! I just got email on my iphone and miss my cell phone coach. So much to learn and no one to teach me. Been trying to do it on my own. Being old doesn’t help the situation. Take care, be safe, and keep Jesus before you at all times. See you in August . . . . . . .


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