I’m leaving on a jet plane

Technically, 2 jet planes, but no ones counting. 

By now I’m sure many of you know, but some of you don’t, but I am going to Italy for the rest of June. That’s 2 weeks. 

I’ll be staying in the northern part, and dropping down for 4 days in Rome towards the end. This pilgrimage is going to take me to some very awesome and amazing sites. A few of which include: 

The shroud of Turin

The Dumo (Milian Catherdral) 

Scavi tour



And those are only a handful of what I’ll be doing. I can promise you that I’ll be very up to date on this blog but I’ll at least try to give you something to keep your mouth watering. Be watching my Instagram feed for the most up-to-date pictures. 

I was blessed enough to run across the group of nuns that I’m traveling with. The Apostles of the Interior Life. This is their 25th year anniversary and they decided to take a trip, so I decided to tag along. 

So please pray for me and those of us going. We’re gonna need it. Know that I’ll keep you all in my prayers as I’m at these places. 

Stay Divine, and keep your passport handy, 



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