Where in the world am I

Gentlehumans of earth, I deeply apologize for the last 4 weeks. I have been the worst at keeping the general population informed of my whereabouts.  

 Currently I’m residing in Southern Indiana for a small retreat. Above is pictured the Archabbey at which I’m staying- Saint Meinrad. But I know many of you are wondering “what the heck Josh, last time we heard from you you were in an airport getting ready to leave the country.”

But I bid you patience with me. Remember that was like 3 weeks ago. And time flies. So we’ll start off slowly here. 

Let’s run down the list of questions I’ve been answering for the last week: 

1) How was Italy? 1A) It was freaking Amazing!! I mean it’s Italy, it was far from boring. 

2) What was your favorite part? 2A) Besides the food, or the fact that I was 25 feet from the Pope, or maybe it was the fact that I was in Italy. The answer would have to be Assissi was my favorite. 

3) Why Assissi? 3A) Saint Francis, he’s on my MVSL (most valuable saints list) and I had the chance to have a half day silent retreat at his monastery, visit the church he built, and have Mass on his tomb. I mean, that’s no big deal or anything. Plus the town is just so amazingly peaceful. If I was told that I could only visit Italy one more time- I’d go back to Assissi in a heartbeat. 

4) Was the food good? 4A) Was Mussolini a communist? 

So those are just some of the questions I know that you guys will ask. As for pictures: I have 600 of them. And I can’t upload them all. My Instagram has some of the ones from the trip, but not all of them. I’ll post a few as we go on. But I’ve gotta sort through them first. 

So to let you all know- I’m back, but I’m gone, and I’ll be around. Kinda the story of my life, just ask my people. I’m gonna get back to this whole retreat thingy. I’ll catch you footie pajama wearing earthlings later. 

Stay Divine, 



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