Laundry Mat relaxation 

Many of you know that I am gone to Camp Re-New-All for 2 weeks. So that’s what I’m doing, planning the liturgies and teaching Religious Formation. However is been raining a lot here the last couple weeks, so the camp hasn’t been able to hang dry and laundry. That’s where I come in and that’s why I’m sitting here currently in a Laundry Mat. 

So low and behold I’m currently doing 7 washers of laundry and here in about 7 quarters (cause you pay in quarters at laundry mats, in case you didn’t know.) I’m going to be drying all these wet clothes. However I am thankful for this little side trip. I’ve written my petitions for Mass,made my schedule for the rest of the week, and have been sitting in the air conditioning for 51.14 minutes. 

All things have a purpose you see. And it’s the small things in life like doing 7 loads of laundry and having air conditioning  for an hour or more that helps you through the day. So don’t forget to Thabk God for those little things. Maybe it’s the the fact that your car started, or you woke up on time and felt like a champ, or maybe you returned that email I’m lighting fast time, whatever it is. Don’t rush through it. Cherish it. 

Stay divine and smell like tide pods, 




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