The penultimate week

I’ve been on a hiatus the last month and I apologize. It’s been very hectic around home, especially with the summer winding down and having to get things in order. 

This is my week before my last week though and as such that the trend is set- I spent it with my Semianrian brothers. On retreat in Forsyth MO on the lake.  

 It’s always a bunch of fun. It is a great time when we can just come together and share with each other about our summers and go over some practicalities before we head off to the four winds for school. 

Had my birthday here as I have for the last 3 years now. It obviously went off without a hitch. We leave tomorrow and I’m headed to New Madrid for one last job before the close of the summer. It’ll be a great time, I’ll spend it with a very good priest friend of mine. 

In all honesty the next time you will probably here from me it’ll be the school year and we’ll be underway. So I apologize ahead of time, but I will be busy as heck.  So here’s to the sun kissed skin, the rain fallen fields, and the long summer nights. 

Stay Divine, 



2 thoughts on “The penultimate week

  1. Hopefully, your family will get one more night of your precious time before you head back. We need one more family meal before my chicks head off to save the world!


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