Hit the ground running

And man are we running fast. It has begun…. school year 2015-16. This year I have my own room; a 17′ by 10′ room with a built in desk and wall plugs that are only 2 pronged. However I have assed the situation and overcome the obstacles.

With the first bar-b-que over with and everyone reunited after a summer travel and work settling in has commenced and we start bright an early at 7:45 in the morning! There will be classes to learn in, new faces to meet, and rules to break…. I mean follow. Overall it’s going be a great year and I can’t wait. Now that I’m back around internet and a set schedule for the next 9 months you can probably bet on more frequent posts and such.

If you have anything that you’d want me to talk over or points to address or questions answered- let me know. I’m always looking for new topics. So I’m going enjoy my first night here… until the crack of dawn,

Stay Divine,



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