From summer ovens to cosmic monsoons

“Don’t let your chickens outside while it’s raining, they aren’t the smartest animals and will look up into the sky at the rain eventually drowning themselves”– Farmers advice.

Brick conducts heat. This is an amazing concept for  winter frozen land that is in need of something to keep heat in. Not so amazing when it’s 90 degrees outside and you don’t have air conditioning. However being the smart intellectuals we are we devised way to stay cool. It’s called a fan. When such an object is placed in an open window overnight it cools the room down to a mild 80 degrees, there is however one flaw… THE POWER MUST BE ON!

So here I lay, slowly feeling my face disintegrate while the power was off. It wasn’t just the seminary either, it was the whole surrounding area. Ain’t nobody gonna have power….. The worst part is, it was raining outside so we couldn’t even have the windows open. While the monsoon raged on just 6 inches from my now bare skull (remember my face has melted off by this point), The God of power came to me in a vision and said: “Let there be power restored to the whole of Israel/Conception, Let their hearts be filled with rejoicing, and their fans sing songs of praise.” About that time the power came back on.

Still couldn’t open the window- but hey at least my face was saved, looks like a Picasso painting, but it was saved. It’s just all in a day at CSC, I wouldn’t expect anything else.

Stay Divine and coolish,

Josh “Melted Face” Carroll


2 thoughts on “From summer ovens to cosmic monsoons

  1. Your articles in this blog always bring a chuckle to my day! Since I grew up on the farm, your comment about chickens not being the smartest animals is TRUE!!

    Sorry your face began to melt during the power outage Sunday night – that must have been quite a sight!! Hopefully it is much better now. Weather reports say it is supposed to be cooler the rest of the week. Hopefully you can stay “even more divine” as your living space cools back down to a more pleasant temperature.


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