Going up like the Hindenburg

Crazy thought I had while trying to find the best say to procrastinate doing any sort of tangible homework possible. I have 2 months of this semester left. It’s halfway through October, I leave halfway through December. Unless I failed math that bad, I’d say that’s 2 months. That also means that I probably shouldn’t be procrastinating as much as I am right now.

But we’ll forget that for a little bit. I’ll focus on the immediate and push through. This coming weekend here at Conception we have our annual soccer and volleyball tournament. 7 other seminary’s from across the midwest will be coming to showcase their soccer and volleyball skills. To them I say good luck, hope your cardio is good. This isn’t some pick up soccer game. I haven’t been running for the last 2 months for nothing here, it’s gonna be fierce.

Other than that, school is underway and midterms are generally over and done with. In 2 weeks, I will have had this blog up and operational for a full calendar year. That’s kinda cool. I guess I’ll have to write on that sometime. Really I’m just writing this so I don’t have to do homework, which it looks like it’s time for soccer so I’ve gotta get out of here pretty quick.

Stay Divine,



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