Hasta Luego (See you later)

Tuesday, the feast of Saint John of the Cross, the week is the 29th in Ordinary time. The car is packed. The motor is silent. In the back sighs emit from kappa, the pelirojo is jabbing away. In the cockpit the navigator puts in headphones and prepares the flight checks. All safety checks have been made and flight plan has been cleared with the tower. The Captain yells “contact” and the motor turns over.

Sadly that’s just a figment my imagination, but I did think that all up here soon the spot. Good news  though! we are leaving CSC! Headed towards the homestead of the DIOCESE OF SPRINGFIELD-CAPE GIRARDEAU! This is the last time that as a diocese we will have mass with Bishop James Van Johnston. His farewell mass. One last hoopla before the exodus.

So wish us safe travels and for those of you going tonight we’ll see you there! If you wish to come: the Mass is in Springfield at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton church at 7 pm. Come early if you want a seat. The shark leaves at noon, so we’ll see you soon!

Stay Divine,


The four conception musketeers with our Bishop
The four conception musketeers with our Bishop

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