End of the semester

It’s been a long time since I’ve written ANYTHING. I’m sorry. My life has been hectic and filled with lots of school work. The end of semester always brings that rush when teachers are trying to keeping teaching and students are trying to keep from learning. Any amount of stall time in class is welcomed.

That’s about where we are at here. I will do a small carburetor update here though. I have secured place on campus to have a work bench and space to take my motorcycle apart. It’s actually apart right now. Front forks and the pipes are off. It’s nice to get my hands dirty every once in awhile, kinda like finger painting for little kids except I’m an adult (I think).

Other than that life is moving along at a good clip. It’s been snowing on and off the last few days here. 15 days to get my life in order, here’s to hoping I make it.


Stay Divine,



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