7 years is forever

IMG_3638Well I’m in my last final push to keep procrastinating and so I figured some blog work was needed. Now of course I don’t have classes to be studying for, papers to be editing, or new Spanish words to be learning.

In 2 weeks I will be a 5 semester seminarian. That’s 2.5 years of formation. Also meaning that I have another 4.5 years to go. 7 years is a long time, but one thing I’ve found is that we wouldn’t put ourselves through this if it wasn’t worth it. Yes a lot of people are going to college for 4 years, getting great jobs, meeting lots of amazing people, and generally having a good time. And as my father repeatedly said (Actually dad, this drove me nuts, I kinda hated when you said it, but now that I’m kinda sorta older I acknowledge that you know some things.)  “Delay gratification”

In an indirect way, delayed gratification is part of what you learn while here in seminary. It’s also what’s going get me through these next 2 weeks. No, but seriously now, you go to school for 7 years to know what it is the God really wants from you, and by the end of it you’re living on cloud nine. We here in seminary put off so much that when it does eventually roll around we love it all the more.

Maybe it’s saving for the big trip coming up, or possibly not eating the brownie for lunch so you can have it for dinner with Ice cream, Or maybe it’s not watching amazon prime when you should be studying for that Spanish test coming up. Whatever your delaying, know that the rewards will be tenfold.

Also; photo-creds to a Mr.Andrew “Andy” Gaffney. Pound on the wall one more time and I’ll come through and strangle you.

Stay Divine,



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