Favorite Marian feast

December 12th, 1531. Our Lady appeared on a Tilma (poncho) of a poor indian farmer in the central region of the Americas. Thus marking the miracle of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, patroness of the Americas.

I love Mary, like really really love her. It’s a seminarian thing. However of all the apparitions and miracles she’s performed, this is my favorite. Ask anyone who was at camp-re-new-all with me this summer. Or maybe you’ve ridden in my car and seen that really cool shift knob I have.

In case you haven’t seen the inside of the Shark, here it is. 

So this whole thing happened like 584 years ago. Crazy thing is that tilma was supposed to decay and fall apart in like 30 years max….. well here we are. I mean if that isn’t proof enough of you for divine intervention, then pray about that.

There is a whole plethora of symbolism that lies in this image. You’re gonna have to look it up because it’s too much for me to type out (I’ll cramp up). Basically this was used by the Blessed Mother as a conversion tool to help bring the Spanish and native Indians together under one Church.

For full and better account of this feast day here’s a link.

In other news, it’s also Frank Sinatra’s birthday. He’d have been 100 today.

Stay Divine,



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