Tis the Season

I am not a decorator. I don’t decorate for holidays, not Christmas, not easter, not 4th of July, not even halloween. I couldn’t tell you why, it’s just something I don’t do. I do however decorate my room. I have pictures and pieces of Artwork up and on display.

But lights, trees, and banners I don’t do. However there is one person who I know who decorates for everything and I’m not talking one tree here. No, he has 44 up this year. That’s 5 more trees than last year.

The human in question here is Fr. Lewis Hejna, Rector of St.Agnes Cathedral in Downtown Springfield. He is a Christmas freak, I’m actually pretty sure it might be a mental disorder. I’ve told him many times that I’ll drive him to rehab if he needs it.

All joking aside, if you live in Springfield and are having trouble getting into the mood or just need good night out or whatever I suggest that you go visit the Cathedral rectory. You’ll have to call the office for visiting times but with 44 Christmas trees, 16 nativity sets, and more santa’s than you’ll be able to count It’s worth the visit.

Here is just an inside shot of the living room


There is a full article on KY3 that can be found here along with a video news reel of it also found right here.

The Cathedral can be found at 601 S. Jefferson Ave in Springfield. Call (417)831-3565 for more info.  Tell him I sent you.

Stay Divine,



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