I fell off the Earth

It seems like chapter out of the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, but in fact it is almost true. Whereas I did not actually fall off the face of the Earth, I did take a hiatus from writing for about a month. We all know that the Christmas season was in full swing and it is just about the one break that I do get to enjoy and don’t have work my face off, so of course I enjoyed it while I could.

I’ll give you all a recap of what went down though. A lot of you where involved in my break so if you’ve heard this story before, don’t stop me. I’d like to hear it again.

I started the break like any good self respecting geek/nerd/dweeb would have been doing and went to a private screening of Star Wars! (currently the number movie of all time). Our rector is a big Star Wars guy so he wanted us all to have the chance to view it, 60 of us took the opportunity. After that I high tailed it to KC and laid low for a week or so. In case you are wondering Discovery channel has a show about solving old crimes and such, well I will never know if they found Eugenie Boisfontaine (pronounced: Eu-ja-na  Wa-Fan-Tain).

I left there and went down to witness the damage that the rains had inflicted on my beautiful city. In case you didn’t know, I missed the whole monsoon season that Springfield had. After realizing that we’re going need new section of driveway, we kept on driving on to the Bootheel (yes, it’s one word not two).

Arrival and the stay there was uneventful, at least until I left. I had Diocesan meeting from the 1st-2nd and that required me to leave early. I then realized that Jade (my sister) had to be taken to the hospital because of a kidney infection (don’t worry she lives later on in the story). After spending some quality time with my seminarian brothers I went on back to SpringVegas to live out the rest of my break in peace in solitude, or so I thought.

Monday rolled around and Jade was getting released from the Hospital (Yay!). But someone  needed go get here and my mother who had stayed with her. Being the only one who didn’t have work,school, a drivers license, and a car I drew the short stick and resumed myself to canceling my Monday plans, climbing back in the car and driving for a total of 9 more hours. I told the diocese I needed my pilots license, but noooo that’s too dangerous (It would have saved so much time though). Don’t fear I got some good meditation and some funkadelic music listening in, not together of course. (This proves I love you Jade).

The rest of the week went smoothly along and I looked forward to just being at home. This may not happen to many of you, actually there is only about 3 other people this should happen too, but have you ever been in Wal-Mart and some person just comes up and is like: “Hey! how are you? We saw your picture in our church, and we’re super supportive of what your doing! ” *Downside to being in Seminary: The Diocese puts pictures of you up EVERYWHERE, and these aren’t small pictures either.*

So with my face plastered all around Southern Missouri, it seemed like I couldn’t escape anything. But we all have our ways (I will not share that with you all, it’s classified information). I finished off the week and break with Mass at my Parish like I always do and then had one last meal with my family before coming up to school for my 6th Semester of College Seminary.

So here we are- 2016 is underway and I’m gonna be late to prayer if I don’t stop this here.

Stay Divine,



Soundtrack of this post: Self Titled album by Rage Against the Machine


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