Here’s where I’m at.

Around the start of this semester I thought to my self “self, you’re in for a pretty relaxed semester, 15 hours and a wide open schedule” I was lied too. Straight up. This is not relaxing. Granted I do have more time the last semester, but now it comes with the winter blues on top of everything else. I do have a good class that keeps me going, namely Abnormal Psychology.

Spanish is still there in the forefront of my brain but is getting easier and easier. Maybe that means I’m learning something. Medieval philosophy is a change of pace from all the other philosophy classes I’ve taken. Literature and performance (aka- what did the queen and the pope do since last class) or if you’re like me- time to read a book. I’m 3 weeks in and have finished 2 different books in that class.

Oh well. The last class to make the list is Chastity and Celibacy- which is a 3 part class. First we’re covering the scriptural/historical side of celibacy, next we’ll move on to the spiritual side, and finish with the physiological side. We’ll see how this one develops.

That’s my layout for the semester. Nothing special, but still time consuming.

Stay Divine and busy,



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