Middle of the middle of the middle

That’s kind of an illusive title isn’t it? Allow me to explain. It’s Wednesday (middle of the week), It’s also the middle week of February (middle yet again), and we are close enough to the middle of the semester that I’m counting it as the middle (third middle!).

Where does all of this leave us? Precisely in the middle. You’re probably sitting there just wondering where I’m going with this. To be quite honest I don’t really know, something will eventually come to me about being in the middle.

Middle ground is weird. You are neither where you started or to your destination yet. You just simply are, existing so to speak. The morbid side of me wants to relate this to death, and talk about being middle aged and going through a mid-life crisis, but seeing as I’m not even middle aged I’ll let that one go. Then I thought maybe I could talk about being halfway through a pizza, but I decided that would make me hungry and I have no way to get ahold of a pizza at the moment. So scratch that. Then it came to me in a pizza induced daydream…… I knew what I was gonna write on; the middle.

Lets look at it like this; you are whatever age you are, can’t change that (unless you have a birthday coming up). So you might be 19, 34, 58, or 72 but in the spectrum of things you are  all in the same time. We are in the middle, more specifically we are in the middle of our faith life. You may have just gotten here, or maybe you’ve been here for awhile either way… you’re here.

Alright I’ll cut the metaphors here…. this is getting crazy. This middle of our faith life is where most of us spend the whole of our earthly lives. Some a little closer to the beginning, others closer to the end. But we’re in the middle regardless. We’re halfway giving ourselves, we’re giving middle ground effort. However the Gospel calls us to give end of the line effort, a total giving of ourselves.

So why are we happy with this middle? Well many factors contribute of course. Maybe you are liking where you are at in life, but do you realize that it could be more? Perhaps, you don’t think you need to change, no one is perfect and change is a good thing. Halfway is not what’s going to get the job done, full effort is. Remember, no one calls the middle seat in a car ride (if you do, I suggest you seek medical attention), no one wants the middle slice of a square cut pizza, and we poke out the middle of donuts…… (case and point). So I leave you these things to ponder:

  1. What is holding you back from that full effort?
  2. Why are you settling for this?
  3. Do you not want to be the best person you can be?
  4. What do you need to change to get you to move forward?

Stay divine and get out of the middle,



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