End of Lent reflections

The season of Lent cumulates this Sunday with Easter. The most important time in our Church, in fact it’s the reason behind the whole existence of our Faith as Christians. The season of preparation, known as Lent, is drawing to a close. So I ask you, how well have you kept up with your lenten promises?

Have you been distracted by them? Did their absence consume you? Did you find other outlets? Did you log in to social media? Those are just  few questions to ask yourself as you look back over the last 40 days. Can you believe its been 40 days? I honestly feel like we’ve just started. Already though the end is here. Lets not throw the fasts we’ve taken upon ourselves to the wind though, lets learn from them. Maybe you gave up social media, how has that improved your life? My social media fast brought about the creation of this blog 1.5 years ago, and I haven’t looked back.

Maybe you gave up drinking, did you prove to yourself that you could really live without that drink? Maybe you lost some weight from it and now feel better about yourself. It’s absence could have even improved your mood and now you’re happier.

My point is whatever it is that you did, don’t get to Sunday and decide that “ok, that’s done I can log back in, get a drink, eat chocolate or meat (Rachel….), etc..” No the point here is to reflect, hopefully it brought you closer to God and to a better understanding of yourself.


I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve been on the road a bunch and life here at school is taking off and running in 5 different directions. I’m trying to run in each of those directions as well. Spring break is coming though, that will bring some much needed rest.


Stay Divine,



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