Well with the finish of the Easter Vigil Mass, came the Mass exodus of students. May small groups of guys going to Kansas City, Wichita, Des Moines, a few to Texas, and a few to Florida. But like all things I couldn’t do the normal. So I decided instead to opt for  a more exotic place.

Granted this was all decide back on September so we could get cheap flights and accommodation, but we had told no one. SO we boarded the plane and the next thing Keith and I know; We were on our way to Aruba.

A week long trip that brought us out of many comfort zones, brought out the inner college students, and made us many new friends. Ross and Kristy (Watford, England) became some very close friends and we often found ourselves sitting by the beach till late hours talking and comparing trips, countries, phrases, and even shopping lists to be mailed to each other.

Keith and I on the North Beach


We got plenty of sun. With a balmy 88 degrees year round it is a destination to be considered. I wont gloat any longer, I just wanted you all to know where I was and why you hadn’t heard from me in awhile.

If you want some info on travel in Aruba or tips to get there and back, just let me know.

Stay Divine and sun kissed,


Iconic/typical/Awesome statue

One thought on “Springbreak

  1. I just told my husband I had a missed call from Aruba the other day and didn’t answer because it was probably a scam – didn’t realise it was you 😉😆😆. I like reading, your updates, praying for you 😃


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