New Bishop, cause for a party

If you’ve been living outside of the Catholic world, or haven talked to me in the last 3 days then maybe this is news to you, the rest of you should know by now. Springfield Cape-Girardeau has a NEW BISHOP! I’m only a little bit excited.

His name is Edward Rice. He is a current Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St.Louis, Mo. He comets us with many recommendations and a full and varied background. Born in June of 1960, he is 55 years old (young for a bishop). I have a small working history with the man, a few run ins here and there, nothing too crazy.

I’m not going write a bunch on him because 1) I’m kinda busy 2) enough people have already written articles 3) We have Google, so I wont be able to tell you anything you couldn’t find. I will be generous and leave you a few links to watch and things to read up so you’re aware of what this means for the Church in Southern Missouri.


Diocesan link  this link will have all the information you could want. It also helps answer some questions as to how a Bishop gets appointed (from Rome), what his coat of Arms means, and generally history (with pictures). I hope this helps.

Stay Divine



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