End of the year assessment

10 days, and I will have completed my junior year of college formation at Conception Seminary college. It’s been a whirlwind year that’s for sure, you can tell in my postings and how sporadic they’ve been. While it has been a hectic year, it has been fruitful and needed. Growth is measured no longer on our outward actions, but now has become an inward reflection.

Many of you are asking what I am doing this summer and let me tell you it’s not as free as I’ve been in summers past. This summer I’ll be residing in Pittsburg, KS doing a Spanish immersion. It’s part of the course at Pitt State and is in conjunction with the Diocese of Wichita. It’s something I’m excited for and will be beneficial to me later in the future.

Now at the request of a few people, we’ll leave the “Catechism” part of this blog alone and focus some on the “Carburetor” part. If you haven’t heard by now, you should know that I have a new toy/investment. It’s a 1972 Datsun 240z that goes by the name of ‘Anastasia.’ It currently runs, drives (sorta), and looks pretty (sorta).  I guess I should say it did run, before I took it all apart. I spent a Saturday with a good friend and we set to work.

Interior came out, hood came off, radiator out, fluids drained, up on blocks, wheels off, battery out, exhaust off, spark plugs pulled, and drive shaft undone. It’s a short list, but trust me that takes an unusual about of time to get that done. I’m the 3rd owner of this car, and I can already y tell that she’s been through some stuff. It’s a Datsun, so of course there is rust that needs to be repaired. Welding will need to be done. Engine and transmission will need to come out and be gone through. Paint will need be stripped and primed. Body panels realigned and sanded. Electrical buttoned up, and new rubber all the way around. All the glass will end to be cleaned on top of everything else.

It’s funny but, as much work as it sounds and as much complaining as I’m going to do, I would want nothing else. As a philosophy major the only thing we really get to be creative in is our arguments, so when I can channel this energy and put it to productive use I’ll take any chance I get. That’s basically it, my whole last few weeks summed up.

If you know of anyone with Datsun parts, please let me know, you never know what I might need. Transmission work is gonna be the hardest, but I can figure anything out with enough time spent online. (Side note- I’ve pretty muted watched every Datsun 240z video on YouTube by this time). Thanks to Karley for helping me, and thanks for those of you who are going to provide help and don’t know it yet.


Stay divine and greasy,



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