Puedes hablar español?

I’m going to assume you don’t, so for your benefit I’ll write this in english, plus I need to do something that isn’t Spanish for a change.

Week 2 of Spanish immersion is underway and even though its early in the summer I can tell that there is an improvement in my ability to speak and communicate in Spanish. I’m no where near fluent, but I can hold my own in an argument and can have decent conversations. So that alone is a big plus.

One of the things this program focus’s on is the cultural aspect of the language we are learning. We are pressed to shop at more and more tiendas (stores) and are even beginning to pick up the random little ways that many Hispanics carry themselves and the filler words they use. For example, I spend most of my weekends with Guatemalans so a popular filler word is ‘che’, where as Todd who spends most of his time with Mexicanos, is starting to say ‘chi’. Now that doesn’t seem big, but its a major cultural difference.

Other than those things going on in my life, things are going along as normal. I do have a topic that I’d like throw out there and write for you guys. I think I’ll do that Friday in my free time. So be expecting that. Ok, hasta lugeo.

Permanezca divina
(Stay Divine)



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