Summer Friday

Like I promised earlier in the week here I am to write for you. I am fully aware Karley, that that last post ended in a cliffhanger and you can stop texting me about writing again so you know more, but hang no more!

And we’re walking… more like typing faster but it’s all the same thing in print. So there isn’t a singular topic for this post. It’s kinda gonna be a poo poo platter of things that have been re-occuring subjects the last few weeks for me. So we can stop at this first exhibit to mull over the art work here.

  1. Take care of YOURSELF

The line of work I’m getting myself into deals a lot with how you can comfort other people.   That’s all fine and dandy, insert mushy stuff here, but not every day is the same. Some days, you wake up feeling like king of the world. then other days you wake up and are ready to bite the head off of anyone or anything that is in your way. I get it, we have those days. I mean we’re human after all.

“But Josh what does this have to do with your topic for #1?” Hang on you ninny and I’ll get there. This is like modern art, it takes time to contemplate. The thing I’m trying to say is that you can’t, can not, nada, ninguna, never, nadie, help others unless you yourself are solid. If you aren’t right, how can you help someone if your aren’t helped yourself. For me, its exercise. If I don’t do it, I’m grumpy and no fun. I also know I need to get at least 7 hours of sleep, and eating heathy helps. One thing I’m also coming to rely on is daily prayer, apart from the morning and evening prayer small and personal prayers throughout the day help things along.

(Karley, stop texting me or I’m not gonna finish this.) This leads me into my next topic:

2. Overwhelming-ness

Life is overwhelming,  Amen to that. I’m just happy I don’t live with social anxiety, I’d be dead by now. But why is it overwhelming?  well for a few reasons, maybe you don’t have all of your ducks in a row, or you just cant’t get your body into a routine, or maybe it’s related to my #1.

If you aren’t helped, if your not straight on the path, if you have clogged the way with too many things then chances are you’re going to get overwhelmed a bunch. As people, more specifically I’ll relate this to seminarians because that’s who I know best, we tend to want do everything ourselves. Couldn’t tell you why, it must be a learned habit (Thanks mom) but we do it that way and when things get crazy, we melt down and do whatever we do when we melt down.

Ask for help, you have no idea at how simple that sounds but how ridiculously hard it is to actually do. It’s not a weakness, I mean Jesus needed help carrying the cross, so of course you’re going to need help carrying yours. Maybe you don’t know what kind of help you need, most of the time when I say I need ‘help’ it’s simply an invitation to shit there and shut-up while I talk things out and bounce them off you. (Yes Karley that’s what you do, go ahead text me again….)

Whatever type of help you need, find someone who can provide that for you. Even if it’s a simple hold this please, help out from this hole please, etc… You get the idea

3. Don’t burn your bridges

So we’re walking again… and this is going too be the random part of the post, kinda like an Andy Warhol next to a DaVinci. You can guess which one I am, but I don’t want to know your answer.

Bridge burning is one type of ditching the world and ‘starting anew’, it’s also a load of laundry detergent. I’ve had a few people over the last few weeks tell me that they are going to cut their loses and burn bridges so they can ‘move on in life.’ I’m not saying anything, but some of my bridges have saved me a bunch of times. I mean sure! you had a bad breakup with some girl, but one day she may walk right back and offer to get you a slushy from Sonic when it’s like 322 degrees outside and if you burned that bridge = no slushy. Suget ad sugere.

You may not like that person right then and there, but if you give it about 3.5 years you’ll find out that time transcends a multitude of hurts and mishaps. So really, keep the bridge. Who knows, maybe they are the answer to your #1 or #2 mentioned above. I”m not saying they are, but could be.

Alright thesis too freakishly long and I’m never gonna write something this long again unless it’s a dissertation or a homily. So on these notes, Ciáo and stay cool.

Stay Divine,



(Happy Karley??)



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